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What is a corporate film?

What is a corporate film?

A corporate film is a type of video that communicates the company’s vision, values, and goals to its employees. Corporate films are often used for corporate training purposes or as an introduction to new employees.

The corporate film is usually produced by a third-party production house like The corporate film is typically longer than corporate videos (about five minutes) and focuses on reinforcing a company’s values. Corporate films have a long tradition in filmmaking.


There is a difference in Corporate Videos and Corporate films.

Corporate films are corporate videos that communicate the company’s vision, values, and goals to its employees. Corporate films often serve as corporate training purposes or an introduction to new employees. Image films are corporate videos that focus on reinforcing a company’s image without necessarily emphasizing corporate values and goals.

The world was introduced to the concept of a corporate film in 1921. It was created by an outfit called Brush Cleaner and Scrubber Co.,

The most famous corporate film is a 1964 commercial that introduced the world to „singing in the rain“ or „put a little sunshine into your life“. It was created by songwriters Al Dubin and Harry Warren originally for actress Jeanette MacDonald who performed it in her movie, Nana. The song was later featured in Gene Kelly’s movie musical, Singin‘ in the Rain.

The rest of the corporate films on this list are ranked according to their popularity and number of views:

1) 20th Century Fox – It’s showtime

2) Nike – Just do it

3) McDonald’s – I’m lovin‘ it

4) Coca-Cola – I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony


It’s not just a promotional tool.

The corporate film is not just a promotional tool for companies but also a way to strengthen corporate culture. The corporate film is effective because it meets the goals of both promotional and informative content.

The corporate film also has a good chance of going viral on the internet and reaching more people than any other advertising out there.


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