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August 2021

The Basics and Benefits of 4K TV Resolution Step into any local retail store that sells electronics, and you’ll find no shortage of HD TVs that promise the best picture quality possible. As flashy and impressive as they may be, you’ve probably never paused to consider the journey leading up to such advancements, nor the reasons as to why someone might

A corporate film is a type of video that communicates the company’s vision, values, and goals to its employees. Corporate films are often used for corporate training purposes or as an introduction to new employees. The corporate film is usually produced by a third-party production house like The corporate film is typically longer than corporate videos (about five minutes) and

What Is Frame Rate and Why Is It So Important for TV Production? When you decide to partner with 24frames for your next production project, whether it be for a TV commercial, corporate film, or something else, you’ll have a few distinct choices to make early in the process. One of the most crucial decisions to be made regarding TV production