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About us.

About Us

We are experienced on both sides of the business for over 15 years now.

We know the agency needs and workflows as much as the production business.

We know what you mean when you tell us your needs and we know how to turn your given budget into great advertising.

We are here to support you and your ideas – whatever it takes.

Why Us?

We always stay within budget.

We always stay within the timing.

We co-produce in Europe and overseas with companies that we trust and have worked with for a long time, and who are as passioned as we are.

Our partners give us access to a network of specialists national and international that leave nothing to be desired.

And because you’ll love working with us.

Directors and Dops we loved to work with:

Oliver Julius, Caro Weller , Micheel Nwaisser, Claude Mougin, Michael Abel, Ivo Mostertmann, Harry Shaw, Stuart Wilson, Claus Dowie, Ben Hartenstein, Joachim Berc, Sönke Wortmann, Michael Mieke, Julian-Bill Hohndorf, freier.eckert, Britta Mangold, Oliver Bungert, Ekkehart Pollak, Tom Fährmann, Saschko Frey, Jens Wirtzfeld, Harry Rankin, Holger Julia Copp, Fabian Hothan, Birgit Kersting, Werner Kranwetvogel, Klaus Krieger, Luis de Maia, Niklas Hansen, Timm Lange, Terence Maritz, Mathias Julin, Robert Papais, Ralph Loop, Dominik Stöcker, Thomas Hessmann, Stuart McCloud, TomWom, Norbert Vander, Pascal Walder, Marille Fröhlich, Felix Storp, more to come….

Clients and brands we loved to work with:

Audi, Brandt Zwieback, Sandoz, Pfizer, Thermacare, Vitasprint, Fenestil, Sensodyne, Dr. Best, Klosterfrau, Seat, VW, Skoda, Glaxo Smith Kline, Grey, Havas, JWT, Janssen, Hexal, Ratiopharm, Trumpf, Pringles, Deichmann, Melitta, Verpoorten, Licher, P&G, Pantene, Deutsche Bank, Handelsblatt, Postbank, EnBw, Pall Mall, Stada, Mobilat, Viessmann, Widex, Wilo, Tengelmann, Messe Frankfurt, Hochschule Fresenius, Mitsubishi Automation, Auer, Deutsche Krebshilfe, Duraframe, Exoderil, more to come….

Interested to work and cooperate? Contact us!

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